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When credit insurance is not the best solution for you
to manage your receivables

With in-house solvency monitoring resources and recovery tools, you see traditional credit insurance as
unnecessary and costly. Especially since your company has the financial strength to support a certain level of loss.



Irrevocable cover
for up to 12 months

Throughout the duration of the transaction, in keeping with your internal credit management and recovery procedures, you are covered should you have to face a catastrophic accumulation of losses

Even deliveries prior
to taking out the policy are covered

Cover of payment defaults occurring during the insurance year, even if the invoices refer to deliveries prior to that year

What can the
catastrophe cover policy cover?

  • Pre-financed sales of commodities on international markets
  • Revolving sales or staggered over several months
  • Other sectors (subject to request)

Spirit of the policy


You choose the customers to be insured and your required level of risk retention.

Management independence

You handle credit management and recovery according to your own procedures, without any additional administrative charges.

Joint control of risk management

You communicate regularly with our Groupama financial analysts and commodities experts regarding the quality of risks, without exposing your cover to downward revision.

Irrevocable credit limits
for your revolving debt

You are covered for all individually identified and assessed buyers.

Contacts available
to explain their decisions

Enjoy direct contact at any time with the credit analysts who monitor and assess the risks inherent in your transactions. Giving them your insights into the buyer and their environment and reporting information from the field is always a good way to enhance an approach to risk primarily of a financial nature.

Get a quote

If you would like a costed proposal, Groupama needs to get to know you better – in particular, your business, your customer base, your experience, your export destinations and your most significant outstanding debt. Please therefore complete THIS APPLICATION G.

Other offers


  • The Mondopolis policy for exporters which covers both customer insolvency and any political event preventing the payment of invoices.


  • The Sur-Mesure policy for exporters exposed to customer insolvency risk.


  • Facilitate your business with access to guarantees: Customs, FranceAgriMer, contract guarantees,etc.