Your credit insurer does not offer sufficient cover for
your largest outstanding debt

Simply take out a second credit insurance policy with Groupama to cover what your usual insurer does not. That way, you get closer to maximum cover of your requirements.



Freedom to choose
what you want to cover

The customers you want to cover, for the amount you choose in view of sales forecasts.

Groupama: the insurer (Fitch «A», stable outlook) specialising in commodities

We have dedicated teams of credit analysts organised by business sector and geographical region

Who is
the Top-up policy for?

  • Domestic and/or international market operators, manufacturers or traders
  • Operators exposed to peak risks due to the seasonal nature of their business

Spirit of the policy

Optimum market coverage

You benefit from the expertise of two credit insurers. Therefore, the combination of two analyses offers you better cover of your outstanding debt.

Simplified management

Since Groupama follows the conditions granted by the top-tier insurer, you take no risk when it comes to the conditions of cover and do not weigh down the management of your policy.
It is as though you only had a single policy that offers you extended cover.

Special flexibility

Change the level of cover for a buyer who is already covered, add a new buyer partially covered by the top-tier insurer, etc. It is all about meeting your needs and keeping pace with developments.

Contacts available
to explain their decisions

You can meet the credit analysts who monitor and assess the risks. Giving them your insights into the buyer and their environment and reporting information from the field is always a good way to enhance an approach to risk primarily of a financial nature.

Get a quote

If you would like a costed proposal, Groupama needs to get to know you better – in particular, your business, your customer base, your experience, your export destinations and your most significant outstanding debt. Please therefore complete this application form.

Other offers


  • The Mondopolis policy for exporters exposed to political risk (any event preventing payment) and customer insolvency risk.


  • The Sur-Mesurepolicy for exporters exposed to customer insolvency risk.


  • Facilitate your business with access to guarantees: Customs, FranceAgriMer, contract guarantees,etc.