For optimising the financial package of a procurement contract

This single-risk cover forms part of the financial package of the procurement contract and helps to limit its cost
and attract other financial operators receptive to the file’s rating.



Your financing optimised

By reassuring your banker with single-risk cover, you can increase your borrowing capacity and be in a better position to negotiate the cost of credit.
You can also transfer your compensation to your banker.

the insurer specialising in commodities

We have dedicated teams of credit analysts organised by business sector and geographical region

What can the single-risk policy cover?

  • Pre-financed sales of commodities on international markets
  • Sales of capital goods or services
  • Contracts with staggered deliveries over a maximum of 18 months
  • Spot trade transactions

Spirit of the policy

Large capacities

Groupama favours co-insurance to provide a better response to your cover requirements

Political and commercial risks

The policy covers commercial and political risk equally

Strength of a major Group

Groupama is rated A- with positive outlook by Fitch (september 2018)

Expert credit analysts to discuss
the situation of your buyers

When signing the policy, you will be able to talk to the credit analyst who assesses and monitors your risk. Provide them with your insight into the buyer and their environment, report information from the field, etc.

Get a quote

If you would like a costed proposal, Groupama needs to get to know you better – in particular, your business, your customer base, your experience, your export destinations and your most significant outstanding debt.
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Other offers


  • The Mondopolis policy for exporters which covers both customer insolvency and any political event preventing the payment of invoices.


  • The Sur-Mesure policy for exporters exposed to customer insolvency risk.


  • Facilitate your business with access to guarantees: Customs, FranceAgriMer, contract guarantees,etc.